Happy New Year!

I’m very grateful for the gift of a brand new year.

If anything, last year reminded me that life, good health, and family are the most important assets any human can have.

As you prepare for 2021, I’d love to share an important lesson with you.

And I need you to pay close attention to it.

The amazing power of small.

The month of January is notorious for big promises, big goals, and New Year resolutions.

And because it’s the first month of the year, the level of optimism is super-high.

But this year, I want you to try something different.

I want you to try a strategy that has helped to build many of the big brands and multinationals that rule the world today.

I want you to try this because January 2021 is a VERY special month.

It marks, not just the start of a new year, but the start of a new decade.

And the next 10 years could make a lot of difference in your life and business.

The truth is, one year is too short to make any real, big difference in your business.

But one decade will.

That’s because life and business is a marathon.

And to succeed in any marathon, you need the ‘amazing power of small’ to work in your favour.

It’s not a popular strategy.

Most people know it but are not patient to use it.

But this year, I want you to try it.

And you’ll be very surprised at how powerful small things can be.