Good things take time.

But we now live in a generation that sees patience as weakness and stupidity.

We now live in an age of fast food, fast money, and fast results.

Most people don’t want to wait. 

We want the rewards right now.

But building a valuable business takes time.

It takes discipline, consistency, and patience.

And for entrepreneurs who are trying to build a business that creates value over the long term, this is a very difficult time.

Today’s lesson is about you.

Most people don’t want to do difficult things these days. 

If it’s hard, most people will avoid it.

And that’s exactly what gives you the advantage.

The competition for hard and difficult things is far less.

Entrepreneurship is a marathon.

And marathons are won by endurance, not speed.

If you believe very strongly in the potential of your business, give it time.

As long as you can see the ‘signs’, don’t give up.

In today’s episode, I talk about the amazing power of discipline, consistency, and patience in business.

You’re going to learn something from this.