“I will give you a better price.”

This is what many entrepreneurs say when they want to convince a customer to buy.

By offering a lower price, you can beat the competition, right?

But there’s a problem.

Pricing is easy to copy.

Most of your competitors can see what you’re doing and lowering their prices to attract customers too.

And as a result, all of you are competing on price.

If you sell for $100 today, the other shop down the road will sell for $90.

And if you come down to $85, they will beat you to $80.

But the question is, how low are you prepared to go?

And this is why low prices alone are not a sustainable way to create a strong competitive advantage for a business.

Low prices alone do not always keep loyal customers.

Your customers will only stay loyal until another business can offer them prices that are lower than yours.

That’s why you need to listen to today’s lesson.

I’m going to show you how to create a strong competitive advantage for your business that is hard to copy.

If you can combine good pricing with one of the 5 options I’m about to share with you, you will get better at attracting customers who will be loyal to you.