Your customers are not always right.

Sometimes, this is especially true for angry customers.

How do you handle a person who insults you, threatens you, and may likely tell other people bad things about your business?

In your career as an entrepreneur, you will likely come across this kind of person.

But guess what?

Angry customers are a special gift to any business.

You know why? 

I’ll tell you.

You see, most customers who are dissatisfied with your business will likely walk away in silence and then badmouth your business behind your back.

Most of them will not confront you or show any emotion like an angry customer would.

That’s what makes an angry customer special.

An angry customer confronts you with two interesting opportunities.

The first opportunity is to get raw and undiluted feedback about something in your business that needs to be fixed.

The second opportunity an angry customer gives you is a chance to prove your customer service skills and convert that anger into a positive emotion that works for your business.

That’s why you need to listen to this.