Every year, food prices continue to rise as our young people flock to the cities in search of desk jobs. Africa now produces less food per person than it did 50 years ago. With agriculture neglected, we almost forget that Africa now has more mouths to feed than never before in its history.

Who will produce the food to feed all of us? The abandoned farmlands and the aged people we left behind in the rural areas?

African countries spend billions of dollars every year importing basic food products to feed our rapidly expanding population. Most of the time, local food production is inadequate, or even absent, to meet our growing consumption.

Despite having more than 60 percent of the world’s uncultivated arable land, a conducive climate, and an overwhelmingly young population (more than 60% of the African population is under 25 years old), Africa has remained a net importer of food.

As long as we remain human, food will always be an indispensable part of our existence. No matter our social or political class, we all need to eat to survive.

However, since Africa is unable to produce enough food to feed itself, we will likely continue to pay the high prices for grains, poultry and fish products imported from the US, Europe and China.

For those of us who may not know, foreign investors have started grabbing huge expanses of African land for agricultural purposes. Africa has more sunshine and rain throughout the year and our soils can support almost any crop.

Our exploding population makes such a huge market; our labour is cheap, and there are very few government regulations to bother about. Who wouldn’t want to consider an agribusiness in Africa?

For a Smallstarter, Agribusiness is a relatively low-risk business proposition. Vacant land and empty space around you can easily be converted into an income generating machine.

Some of the small Agribusiness ideas in this section require low operating expenses and can easily translate into very pleasurable hobbies.

If you study your environment closely, you will start to notice food items that are becoming expensive and hard to find. That is a supply deficit you can do something about it. You should start soon!

Open your eyes and see the potentials and possibilities in Agriculture in Africa.

Agribusiness is big business!

There are several small business ideas on Smallstarter to choose from. We hope an idea in our Food and Agribusiness section inspires you to action!