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If there’s a place that guarantees pure, natural, and high-quality honey, it’s none other than Cameroon.

Located slightly above the equator, Cameroon is referred to as “Africa in miniature” because its geographical location not only assures rich soils and climatic conditions that favor the growth of varied species of plants, but it is equally home for every one of Africa’s treasures.

Unknown to many, the production of honey starts with the flower nectar. Honeybees collect the nectar, and enzymes in bee saliva break down the sugar into glucose and fructose which is stored in hexagonal cups called “honeycombs” that are used to feed the hive.

In these hexagonal cups, the constant fanning from the wings of the bees leads to the evaporation of excess water resulting in a thick, sticky liquid which is honey.

The home of great honey

Africa is well known for its rich untainted vegetation and immense natural resources. This means that honey produced in most parts of the continent stands the chance of being the best because it’s very likely produced from the very best of nectar.

From the geographical location of Cameroon, its natural environment is covered with all kinds of valuable flower plants and semi-desert features; from the highlands of the northern regions of the country, right down to the grasslands of the North and the great dense forests of the southern regions.

Bees from all these areas get high-quality natural nutrients from the rich vegetation to produce honey which guarantees the best quality in the world.

Cameroon honey is produced in regions like the north-west region where the vegetation is covered with varieties of flower-producing trees of the forest as well as the grass from all its mountainous environments.

So, these bees get well fed with nourished raw material from all these plants and grasslands to produce good-quality, natural honey. The farmers are very strategic in positioning their hives, ensuring the bees are gotten from concentrated areas of highly nutritious plants so as to get the best honey.

The northern regions of the country are equally heavily dense with highly nutritious flower plants that are rich in the chemical and nutritional needs of the honeybee enhancing the production of good quality honey. In their extraction process, the farmers keep the bees in all the bushes that have the necessary flower plants to feed from to enhance the quality. With this, one is sure of a bountiful harvest of high-grade honey.

Cameroon honey is the best in the world

So, if you’re looking around the world for the best place to buy honey that is pure and naturally-produced by bees from an enriched natural environment, Cameroon is the ultimate choice.

As a sourcing and trading company of honey and natural products, we work with a network of experienced beekeepers to ensure the honey meets international quality benchmarks. We also make sure that before any quantity is distributed to clients abroad, it goes through our quality control process which safeguards the interest of our consumers and maintains the credibility of our brand.

Like they say, “looking good is good business.”

With honey, testing good is good business.

Our consumers’ interest is our top priority and every effort is put in place to offer our best because we don’t just represent the best, we are the best.


This article was contributed by Collins Ndashi.

Based in Bamenda and Douala in Cameroon, Collins Ndashi is the founder of Eseck One World and a supplier of pure natural honey, Cameroon pepper, and ogbono seeds to foreign markets, including Nigeria and the Middle East. You can connect with him via email at this link.