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As an SME, you want a ‘local office’ presence and access in any of the available markets. 

You desire information about your product availability to consumers, you want information on opportunities available to your SME in any of the African countries, and you want verified regulatory information on local taxes, government levies, trade barriers and trade exemptions in any available markets.

You want verified retailers for your product in any of the 54 African countries you have your products or samples available in and desire consumer feedback to scale. You want a contact point for any stage of your value chain in the United State, or maybe you want a regional and international presence of your offering that you can be proud of, or in which you can conduct in-market activities, both local and international.

For numerous reasons, many small and medium businesses are not made unaware of opportunities existing beyond their borders. It was common for SMEs to have to fend for themselves, contend with unprecedented challenges of trying to access new markets, insecure about connecting with organizations and people whom they were not familiar with, and stuck having to rely on informal channels that were inconsistent and unreliable. 

Kuueza became the innovative solution for SME’s throughout Africa to bypass challenges of trans-border trade, establish working relationships on a single digital platform, and enable the informal and formal sectors to integrate and build a strong economic system.

Global tools for increased sales and a “rent-free” office

A new game changer has emerged with the vision to open the e-Commerce market for small and medium businesses in Africa by creating digital channels of visibility and accessibility using mobile phones and mobile money — the vehicle by which billions of Africans connect to the internet. 

According to live stats, over 3 million mobile phones are sold daily with over 4 billion active users. 

Kuueza exists to enable businesses in Africa to form economically viable links in alternative markets, shine the light on businesses in forgotten corners of the world, improve supply chain efficiency, offer resources for capital solutions, and provide referrals for business training and development programs. 

Kuueza’s user-friendly platform allows users to sort products by countries, cities, and states. They can also sort them by products and prices

Kuueza mobile (“user”) app offers a unique shopping experience allowing global users to connect with informal and formal merchants. Kuueza strives to provide service to all 54 countries and use the returns to enable economic growth, investments, and improve living standards. 

Kuueza uses technology and youth innovations to promote entrepreneurship, unification, and sustainability

Kuueza offers global visibility and access to diverse products and services, including advert banners on Kuueza app through state-of-the-art technology 

Kuueza provides access to a diverse product mix from all over Africa, the United States and Canada, enabling buyers and sellers to easily and securely complete their eCommerce transactions.

For more information visit www.kuueza.com

Shop simple sell global

E-commerce your way.

For more info visit www.kuueza.com  


This article was contributed by Maxwell Adew, Founder & CEO of Kuueza, an emerging provider of cross-border trade solutions with a mission to significantly boost the reach and potential of African SMEs.