The Most Powerful Strategy for Starting Any Business, Project or Cause



There is no perfect time.

When it comes to executing an idea, there are just so many unknowns and variables that are out of your control, and waiting for the right time can often be a losing strategy.

For many people, their dreams and ideas start and end inside their heads. As they wait for the perfect time to “hatch” their ideas, weeks, months and years pass. Ultimately, those ideas become stale, outdated and die.

To be fair, there are several valid reasons why people wait and hope for perfect timing. Inadequate information, limited resources, and psychological barriers like fear are some of the most common reasons.

So, how do you move from dreams to reality in the face of these obstacles? What is the single most powerful strategy that can get you to finally start that business, or project or cause you can’t seem to shake off your mind?

The only way to find out is to apply a powerful strategy: ACTION.

The only way to get started on the business, project or cause of your dreams is to get started. And this article explores the spectacular benefits of taking action and how it can help to dramatically transform your dreams and ideas.

Action tests your assumptions

The realm of dreams and ideas works very different from reality. Many ideas, dreams and plans that look promising in your head (or on paper), may prove to be impractical in real life. And that’s because dreams and ideas are often built on assumptions, which can be faulty.

So, why continue to burden your mind with dreams and ideas that may not have a fighting chance in reality?

One quick way to test the assumptions behind your idea is to carry out an informal survey on your target audience or market. What do they think about the idea? Would they get on board with the cause, or be willing to pay you for the product? If the answer is yes, find out why. And if the response is negative, find out why not?

By moving out of your head to engage with real people who could ultimately become your customers or beneficiaries, you will be taking very vital reality checks on your brilliant dream or idea. And this small action can make a world of difference.

The major benefit of testing your assumptions is that bad ideas are quickly discarded and the good ones give you a reason to follow up.

Action closes the information gap

Most people don’t get started on their ideas because of uncertainty, and they want to be certain before they make the move. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to get any assurances beforehand that your business or project will succeed. And waiting for more information to filter through can often be a bad strategy.

Like a car driving through the night, the headlights can only see a few metres into the distance. But as the car continues forward, the road ahead continues to open up. Trying to get all the information before you start is like wanting to see the whole stretch of the road before you start the journey.

Action breeds confidence and commitment

It’s easy to give up on your dreams and ideas. Nobody would know and there may be no consequences for giving up. But getting started comes with a different level of responsibility and commitment.

It’s like learning to ride a bicycle. Most people are afraid of a possible fall and the bruises that could come with it. But from the time you’re on the bike and going through your first bouts of shaky movements, there is an urge to steady your grip and keep the bike stable. And gradually, your fears give way to confidence which feeds a commitment to master the bike.

When you are afraid of getting started with your ideas, always remember the words of Goethe, the famous statesman and poet: ‘Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace and power in it.’

Action breeds credibility

There are a number of good reasons most investors and banks do not fund ideas and dreams. One of those reasons is you, the owner of the idea, has very little (or nothing) to lose if the idea doesn’t succeed. But the investors and bankers would have lost their money.

This is why it’s hard to take dreamers and idea junkies seriously. Beyond their excitement and optimism, they do not have anything at stake, unlike another person who has invested time, effort and money to develop and bring their ideas to life.

So, besides that brilliant idea you have that could change the world, what do you really have at stake? Have you put your time, money and resources where your mind is? Remember, talking is cheap. The real test is in doing.

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